Top 7 Best Air Mattress for Camping

Buying an air mattress is great fun and is especially important if you are going camping.  Camping has grown in importance over the past few years but so is the desire to stay comfortable. Air mattresses provide great comfort while you are camping and are also easy to carry around. So if you are looking for the best air mattress for camping then you have come to the right place. People love camping but aren’t so fond of sleeping on the hard ground. Buying an air mattress is not just buying a camping mattress, but you can also use it in the house.

How to choose the best air mattress for camping and what are the things to consider?

When you are trying to find the best air mattress for camping, you need to take some points into consideration in order to find the perfect camping mattress. This will ensure that you have adequate rest since a sore back will not help you on your camping adventure.

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Should my air mattress be heavy or light?

A heavy air mattress is more comfortable and will provide more thickness keeping off the stiffness of the ground. An air mattress that is made from heavy material will also last longer.

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Should I buy a mattress that comes with a manual or an electric pump?

Of course an electric pump is a lot easier to use and will fill up the mattress really fast. But this only works if your camping site is close to your car or to an electric source. If you need to travel for long distances, then a manual pump will be easier to use. You can always depend on a rechargeable battery but only if you have access to electricity and the time to recharge it.

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What size should I buy?

This depends on where you want to fit it. If you have a small tent then placing a queen size will be challenging as it will bulge out and will leave no room for you to walk. You may want to do this if 2 people are using the mattress, but maybe instead of buying a double airbed, you need to buy 2 tents with 2 small mattresses to fit.

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How much money should I spend to buy a high quality air mattress?

The best air mattress for camping doesn’t really have to be expensive. You might not want to spend a lot of money on a fancy air mattress that comes with its own electric pump if you already have one that you can use. But still, when you buy a rather cheap air mattress, you have to know that it is not super durable or made from the best material.

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What other points should I take into consideration:

  • Buying a self-inflatable mattress can be great for camping.
  • You might need to buy a low raised mattress as it will be easier to carry around.
  • You might want an air mattress that fits at the back of your pickup truck or minivan. There are a lot of models that fit different vehicles.

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Recommended product reviews:

In this section we introduce some of the top rated air mattresses.

This is one of the best air mattresses for camping that offers enough support so that you can stay comfortable with uninterrupted sleep.

Comfortable design: This air mattress is designed with 40 built in coils so that it will stay flat and firm enough to provide the support you need.

Internal pump: This will make the mattress fully inflate completely in about 4 minutes. No hassle needed.

Double height: This mattress features a dual chamber to provide enough support and lush.

No slip bottom: It will stay on the ground wherever you place it.

Special material: This mattress is made of extra thick waterproof and is designed to resist puncture so you will be sure to use if for a long time.

Quiet: This mattress inflates quickly and quietly.

Highly durable: This mattress supports your body weight even if you weigh 500 pounds

  • Durable material
  • Self-inflated air mattress using a built in pump.
  • Feels as comfortable as a real air bed.
  • Quick inflation and deflation.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Designed to resist puncturing.
  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transport.
  • Will not slide or move
  • Comes with a warranty for 1 year.
  • Great customer support

  • Quick deflating can be a serious problem. If for any reason there is a tear, you will be on the ground in a blink as this air mattress loses air very quickly

If you are looking for a top rated air mattress that will keep you comfortable during your camping adventure, then this is the mattress you are looking for.  It is the perfect air mattress especially if you are used to sleeping on a raised surface:

Budget friendly: High quality doesn’t always mean hundreds of dollars to spend. This high quality air mattress is one of the best on the market. And it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Highly durable: This high quality air mattress is made of sturdy waterproof material that will last for a very long time.

Electric pump: This air bed comes with a high quality and strong pump that will inflate this mattress until it reaches the desired firmness in less than 5 minutes. It sits at 22 inches keeping your body comfortable when you are on a camping adventure.

Special design: The air mattress has indented sides that keep fitted sheets secure and they will not slip even after you use the bed.

Easy to carry around: It comes with a special bag for easy transport.

Double chamber construction: The lower part acts as a box spring to provide support and foundation while the top layer acts as the mattress that provides plush and comfort

  • Affordable price for a great quality
  • Dual chamber design that acts both as a foundation and a mattress.
  • Made from high quality waterproof material.
  • Fills completely in just 5 minutes using an electric pump.
  • Customized firmness level.
  • Feels like a real bed and rises well above the ground.
  • Your sheets will stay in place.
  • You don’t need to buy a separate electric pump.

  • Comes with a 90 days warranty.
  • You might end up with a bulge if one of the pleats let go.

This is probably one of the best mattresses for camping as it is made with very high quality and will provide what you exactly look for in a camping mattress.

High quality design: Due to its unique design and new technology, this air bed provides comfort and support when you are exploring the outdoors.

Built in pump: This mattress has a built in electric pump and reaches the desired inflation level in less than 5 minutes. You can also control the degree of inflation that suits your personal preferences.

Indented sides: Your fitted sheets will stay in place thanks to this design.

High quality at a low price: There is no need to spend a fortune for a camping air mattress. This air bed is made of high quality waterproof material and will stay raised above the ground to provide comfort and support.

Fiber-Tech: This provides the required plush and the necessary support and comfort.

  • High quality at a low price.
  • New Fiber-Tech technology to provide plush and support.
  • Adjustable firmness only by pressing a button.
  • Fills completely using a built in electric pump that takes less than 5 minutes to inflate.
  • Double chamber design that rises well above the ground level.
  • Very comfortable to sleep on due to its special design.
  • No extra money spent on an electric pump.
  • Your sheets will not slip and will stay in place.
  • Easy to carry around in a bag.

  • The vinyl tends to stretch over time so this air bed might need repetitive inflation.

When you are looking for the best mattress for camping, you might want to consider buying a mattress that can be used indoors as well. This mattress is perfect for camping and for use in the house so you are making a long term investment.

Great quality and innovative design: This high quality mattress is made with the latest and most innovative technology. It features 21 built in coils that will help sleep soundly on a comfortable, flat and firm surface.

Quick inflation: In less than 3 minutes, your mattress will be fully inflated and you can start using it instantly.

No hassle and no time or money to waste: There is no need to buy a pump as this air bed comes with a special built in electric pump that will help it to inflate fully and properly providing you with the best air bed experience.

Will not slide: The special design of this air mattress ensures that it stays put on the ground. It will not slide but this doesn’t mean that it will be too hard on your back. It combines firm and plush in a perfect balance.

Extra features: It is waterproof and made from sturdy and highly durable material to put up with excessive and continuous use indoors and outdoors, too.

You’ve got your back covered: You don’t need to worry with a one year warranty and exceptional customer care services that will ensure that you have the most satisfying purchasing experience.

  • Durable material
  • Waterproof surface.
  • Will not slide off any surface.
  • Perfect for using as a camping mattress and at home as well.
  • Amazing comfort level due to the exceptional design of built in coils.
  • No need to buy an additional pump.
  • Takes less than 3 minutes to completely inflate.

  • This mattress tends to deflate overtime, so you might need to regularly inflate it.

The best air mattress for camping should be something that you can use indoors and outdoors, should be comfortable and most of all should not cost a fortune. These 3 criteria distinguish this air bed making it one of the most affordable and best air mattresses for camping.

Highly affordable with an exceptional quality: The low price of this air bed doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the high quality needed. When you buy a mattress that you plan on using while camping, you need to buy something that will last for a long time and that will be durable enough to use in different conditions.

Suitable for use everywhere: This air bed is suitable to use in all conditions and is highly durable with waterproof properties. It can also be easily cleaned.

Comfortable design: This air mattress will provide the perfect balance between comfort, plush and firm. You will always feel comfortable sleeping or chilling on this air bed making it one of the best air mattresses for camping available on the market.

Special construction: The beams will keep your fitted sheets in place and will keep you comfortable.

Quick and perfect inflation: The mattress features a valve that can be used for quick and efficient inflation and deflation to reach the desired level of support and comfort.

  • Budget friendly comfortable air bed.
  • Provides comfort and support.
  • The beams will keep the fitted sheets in place and will make you more comfortable.
  • Quick inflation and deflation through a valve.
  • This mattress can be inflated using most electric and manual pumps.
  • Suitable to use in different conditions.
  • Made of high quality waterproof vinyl that is easy to clean.

  • The vinyl tends to stretch over time. The mattress takes about 3 days initially to fully expand to its proper size. Through this time you will need to inflate it several times.
  • During use, the firmness of the mattress will be affected by where and how you use it. It will also be affected by the weight of users. Regular inflation will be needed.
  • This mattress doesn’t come with a pump.

The best air mattress for camping should provide maximum comfort and support for an interrupted sleep even if you are not in the comfort and cosiness of your own bed. This mattress provides just that with its unique design and first class material.

High quality material: High quality vinyl that will be sturdy and comfortable for a night of uninterrupted sleep whether you are camping or not.

Special design: The top provides maximum comfort with built in pillows and the surface will keep fitted sheets in place.

Could be used anywhere: Buying an air bed is a great purchase because it can be used outdoors and indoors. In order to be able to use your camping mattress in the guest or the kids’ room, you need to make sure that you bought one that is of high quality. This mattress provides just that with its special design and high quality material.

Comes with an electric pump: This air mattress comes with its own electric pump that will inflate the mattress in about 4 minutes to provide maximum support and comfort.

Easy to transfer: This mattress comes with a bag that makes it easy to transfer and carry around.

  • Easy to carry around.
  • Could be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Comes with an electric pump.
  • Inflates completely in about 4 minutes.
  • High quality material.
  • The built in pillows provide maximum comfort.

  • The warranty is for 90 days.
  • The mattress tends to be weak at the corners.

This is the best air mattress for camping that has been specially designed for kids. It is the best mattress you can buy for your camping loving little ones which can also be used in the playroom or in the garden.

Specially designed for kids: This mattress is made from high quality PVC that is suitable for use by kids. The seams are electronically welded so they can put up with kids’ movements. This air bed features built in cushions that surround the bed to keep kids safe.

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Super quick inflation and deflation: This air bed comes with a special electric pump that quickly inflates and deflates this mattress to provide the best experience. The mattress fully inflates in less than 60 seconds and deflates in total 15 seconds.

Fun sheet: This mattress comes with a washable sheet that features a starry night design. Kids will love sleeping on this air bed because it resembles everything their fun and innocent world is all about.

Could be used anywhere: This air bed is especially designed for kids and could be one of the best air mattresses for camping available in the market, but this doesn’t mean that it could be used in the kids room or in the garden.

  • Especially designed to suit kids.
  • High quality PVC that is durable and comfortable.
  • Built in cushions for maximum safety.
  • Washable sheet with an adorable design.
  • Comes with its own electric pump.
  • Could be used anywhere.

  • The valve is not super sturdy.

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Final verdict:

After going through these reviews, we highly recommend the Twin Sized SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump. It is one of the best air mattresses for camping. It is a wise investment to buy an air bed that includes a built in electric pump so that you don’t have to worry about carrying one around. It is also recommended to buy such a high quality air mattress because it will last for a long time. This mattress is super comfortable with internal built in coils and will reach the desired level of firmness in a short time. It is also made from high quality material that is waterproof and sturdy. We think that this mattress is the best air mattress for camping available on the market at a reasonable price and with great quality.

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