Arctic Dreams Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

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When reading this gel memory foam mattress review, you will hopefully understand the features that you need to look through to make the best decision on purchasing a gel memory foam mattress. This review will specifically describe the reasons why the Arctic Dream 10″ Cooling Gel Mattress, made in the USA is a great choice but also how to compare other gel mattresses. There are various key features: foam density, springs or coils, and mattress material to decide on comfort and softness or firmness of your future bed.

Gel foam mattresses are a unique material, as they can keep a mattress cool. This gel foam mattress review , will show how this is a product that truly allows customers to pay, without worrying about affordability. Rest assured, sleep will come with the comfort of the bed, and the comfort of the price. When shopping at a store, it’s easier to feel the comfort and assess whether it’s a good choice, however this isn’t possible when choosing something online. That’s why you can see how this one is rated 6 with a scale from medium to plush. This mattress, makes it super breathable and gives a cool, quality sleep, which can eliminate the transfer of motion when sleeping with partners. Many mattresses are good for single sleepers, but as a couple, this is a better option, especially because of the polyurethane foam mattress.

There are various features, that make this mattress a good purchase for your bed. It offers a firm lumbar support, which can help people looking for a firm mattress. The softness of the visco as well as soft quilting layer, which makes it very comfortable. The mattress is balanced out with the firmness. Firmness and softness are indicated by foam density, which can come in various materials. Below you can see a few Bonus Facts, that dispel misconceptions and explain certain features:

Mattresses are bad for the environment is a misconception. Mattresses are manufactured with low VOC emissions, indicated by the Centri-PUR US certificate. This means that isn’t created with high emissions.

Foam Mattresses come in different forms, density and inches. These are all important features that shape the type of sleep you have. A gel foam mattress is recommended because it keeps the mattress cool, breathable and offers a very relaxing sleep.

Coils and Springs can be important to a mattress and how well it helps with the orthopedic factor. Some mattresses have this to help people with back and neck pains.


young man is sleeping in the bed

1. Quality Sleep

The queen mattress, offers a 10-inch arctic gel foam, which is truly amazing because it cools down the person sleeping.

2. Packing

This mattress, while firm is well delivered, and unwraps very easily. It will be a easy transition for you. It comes with protective wrap, and below you can find photos made by Amazon reviewers of the mattress.


3. Affordable

This is a really great mattress to purchase. It has a nice pillow-top feature, for people who also like a softer mattress. Compared to other brands, it definitely stands out as a good contender.

4. Certifiably Eco-Friendly

The material made out of this mattress, is very unique and it’s not flammable, and it is certified with Certi-Pur US, which makes it very eco-friendly.

5. Completely Gel Foam

By being completely memory foam, this mattress definitely offers people a soft experience. It’s very comfortable, very fluffy and will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.


The Foam Mattress is overall, a good purchase if you don’t require orthopedic features to help with any back or neck pain. It is the best firm mattress with a soft touch.



  • The High-density Gel foam makes this a perfect choice for a refreshing sleep
  • Affordable Price
  • Softness-Firmness balance


  • This mattress cannot be used on both sides
  • Too soft for some


Do mattresses need coils?

Some do, and some don’t – this one works with the gel foam mattress material and is very good for people seeking a very soft but firm mattress .

Does it have an odor when unwrapping?

No it won’t .

Final Verdict

This is a great option, as you search for mattresses to buy. It doesn’t have coils or springs, which means that it’s not the best option for people who experience back or neck pains. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a King Size firm mattress, then this is a good option, especially considering how affordable it is.