Best Mattress for Heavy People : The Definitive Guide

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People who are overweight should choose the most suitable mattress. Many mattresses end up getting damaged if the people sleeping on them are heavy. This is not their fault, but that of the manufacturers who fail to make sturdy mattresses to accommodate heavier people. In order to find the best mattress for heavy people, it is essential to look more into the features and functionality of a mattress before you buy it. You should consider the comfort and the ability of the mattress to cushion your weight while sleeping in order to prevent back pain.

Requirements for the Best Mattress for Obese People

The ideal mattress for overweight people should be of good quality so that it will not have to be replaced often. The mattress should also be thick enough to offer the needed comfort. The firmer a mattress is, the better it suits overweight individuals. Mattresses for heavy people are not designed to treat the weight conditions they have. Instead, they are designed to offer comfort and support. Overweight stomach sleepers should choose a different mattress.

The best mattress for fat people is supposed to be firm, regardless of the technology used to make it. However, it should not be too firm. The ideal mattress is one that has medium firmness due to various reasons including the following:

Best Mattress for Obese with spring

Edge support

Edges, especially those with pocketed coils help distribute a person’s weight evenly. However, when a person sits on the edges of a mattress, they can collapse. When a person lies at the middle of a mattress, the body contacts more cols and every one of them has a relatively less amount of weight to support. When one moves close or to the edges, the pressure on the edges increases. This can lead to discomfort. Therefore, overweight people should look for a mattress that has adequate edge support.

Best Mattress for Obese desire thickness


Heavy individuals need a thicker mattress than lightweight people do because the extra pressure they create compresses thinner mattresses to the point of feeling as though they are sleeping on the platform or the ground. People who weigh 300 pounds or more need a mattress that is at least 13 inches. Those who want to buy an air mattress should consider how much weight it can handle.

Hot sleeping

The skin area of obese people is much larger than that of lightweight people. For this reason, more of their skin come to contact with the mattress. Therefore, the natural heat exchange between the body and the air can be affected. Heavy people can therefore choose a mattress that offers users the opportunity to cool. In general, memory foam mattresses are hot to sleep on. Gels mattresses are cooler. Air mattresses are the coolest to sleep on if the air temperature is low.

Top 3 Mattresses Available for Obese People

Some of the mattresses designed for obese people and available at include the following:

Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress

Main features:

  • High quality USA made latex mattress that is suitable for heavy people.
  • Hypoallergenic latex layer that is dust mite resistant.
  • Firmness level of the latex layer can be adjusted to suit every need and preference.
  • A supportive 8 inch foam base layer to provide support.
  • A special design that that suits heavy weights to provide body contour and pressure relief.
  • A removable zipper cover to change latex density even after purchase.

This is one of the best mattresses for heavy people. This amazing mattress is made in the USA of high quality latex and a supportive foam base that is super essential for heavy people. The latex will provide enough plush and comfort to support heavy weights without sinking too much into the mattress. This ensures pressure points relief that many heavy weight people suffer from while sleeping. This 12 inch Queen Talay latex mattress comes with a zipper cover Eurotop so that you can change the latex layer when needed. It is made of 100% of biodegradable bamboo fibres making this mattress eco-friendly with 1.5 inch of reflex foam that will provide the best body contour for heavy people. The high density base foam acts as a supportive layer that will provide enough support without compromising the comfort level that we all need to have a night of uninterrupted good sleep.

The special design and high quality components of this mattress will minimize tossing and turning and will ensure that you enjoy every minute you spend using this mattress. It is made from hypoallergenic latex and is dust mite resistant. You can have the level of firmness custom made according to your preference after you make a purchase. You will end up buying a latex mattress that is especially made for you and is especially designed to suit your personal preferences. The latex can be adjusted from very firm to very soft to better suit your body and sleep needs for one of a kind experience that makes purchasing this latex mattress a wonderful experience. If you are not satisfied after your purchase you can still have your latex mattress density adjusted for a small fee. Customer service representatives will always be happy to provide you with the exact level of comfort you are looking for. The mattress is also offered in Twin, Twin-XL, King, California King and Full sizes to better suit every need and preference. Check this Guide to figure out king size mattress dimensions.


  • High quality mattress that is made in the USA with a supportive customer service.
  • The level of firmness will be adjusted according to your request once you make a purchase.
  • A layer of soft reflex foam to provide plush.
  • Latex will provide enough plush without compromising support needed for heavy weights.
  • Enough body contour and pressure relief.
  • A supportive foam base to avoid body sinking.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.


  • Latex tends to get hot which might be uncomfortable especially for heavy people.
  • The mattress cover can’t be washed which means that you have to find another way to clean it if it got stained or dirty.
  • Latex mattresses tend to have a funny smell but this usually goes away within a couple of days.

Ultimate Sleep Over Weight Bariatric Mattress Specially Designed for Heavy People 300 – 400 lbs

Main features:

  • A high quality mattress that comes with a 10 year warranty.
  • This mattress is especially designed for people who are between 300 and 400 pounds.
  • The mattress has a stretchy cover that offers comfort and plush for a night of an interrupted sleep.
  • The 5 inch of latex offers great support for pressure points relief and no sinking without being too firm or hard on the back.
  • The foam base will support heavy weights and will not bottom out with years of continuous use.
  • Latex is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant making this mattress super healthy to use for years to come.

This mattress is especially designed to support a maximum weight of 400 pounds bearing in mind all the needs of heavy people to offer them the best quality of comfortable sleep. This mattress features the ultimate combination between great comfort, perfect support and an affordable price. It also comes with a 10 year warranty. It features a premium micro-lux cotton blend fabric cover. The 5 inch layer of 36 ILD Talay latex offers great support for heavier bodies. There will be no sinking and tossing with this latex mattress. It is super durable and will not sink or get bumpy with continuous use.

The base is made from Ultracell high recoverable base foam that will not allow your heavy body to sink and will always have this controlled plush factor that heavy people need for comfortable and healthy sleep. Latex is hypoallergenic and is antimicrobial and mite resistant, making this mattress super healthy and comfortable for use. The level of firmness is adjusted according to your preference once you make a purchase and this will ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction. The mattress is composed of 5 inch layer of highly durable latex that will keep its shape and quickly recover and this ensures that it will keep its plush and support even with years of use. The mattress has a firm edge that allows heavy people to get in and out of bed easily without sinking in too much.


  • A special design for fat people between 300 and 400 pounds.
  • Latex is perfect to support heavy weights.
  • Latex density is based according to customer’s preference.
  • Latex layer that is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
  • A stretchy cover to provide comfort.
  • The perfect combination between support, comfort, quality and price.
  • Can be paired with a memory foam mattress topper or a supportive pillow for smaller bodies.
  • Great body contouring and pressure points relief.
  • A supportive foam base to keep heavy weights supported without sinking.
  • Hard edges for easy getting in and out for heavy people.
  • A 10 year warranty and premium customer service.


  • The mattress could be a little bit too firm for some people due to the thickness of the latex layer but this can be used with a foam mattress topper.
  • Latex can smell a bit funny but this smell goes away in a few days.
  • Might cause some muscle tension since it is very supportive although some people prefer this level of firmness.

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort 12 Inch Euro Box Top Spring Mattress

Main features:

  • A 10 year warranty for maximum customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Memory foam for body contour and comfort.
  • Comfortable foam top layer for plush and comfort.
  • US certified memory foam tested for durability and performance.
  • The mattress is rolled and compressed for convenient shipping.
  • Mattress cover is washable for maximum convenience.
  • ICoil inner springs for maximum support that is especially designed for heavy people.
  • No tossing or turning with this especially designed mattress for a night of uninterrupted and healthy sleep.
  • Minimizes motion transfer among partners for maximum comfort.
  • Will fully expand within 48 hours to experience the ultimate comfortable sleep.

Memory foam is known to offer the best body contour and pressure points relief that is essential for healthy and uninterrupted sleep. This is one of the best mattresses for heavy people that will ensure that you spend a night of high quality sleep with no tossing or turning thanks to the plush offered through the top layer of comfort foam. The middle layer of memory foam will use your body heat to provide the maximum level of comfort without sinking in or bottoming out. The mattress is supported by a layer of ICoil inner springs that will ensure minimum motion transfer from a sleeping partner while maintaining the best spine alignment and the perfect body support. This motion separation feature will ensure that you and your partner will equally enjoy this mattress for years.

The memory foam is US certified for high durability and excellent performance. The mattress is smartly shipped for your convenience. It will be compressed and rolled for easy shipment. Once you receive your mattress you will unroll it and allow it to rest until it acquires its designed shape. The mattress features a washable cover to ensure that your sleeping area is healthy and clean. You will be able to enjoy the best technology there is in the world of mattresses. This high quality mattress also comes with a 10 year warranty that will keep you comfortable and satisfied for years.


  • Comfortable top layer of foam to provide plush.
  • A layer of memory foam to support even heavy weights with maximum support and body contour.
  • A special design that will provide pressure points relief.
  • A base of ICoil springs to provide enough support for heavy bodies.
  • ICoil will minimize motion transfer among sleeping partners.
    Great spine and neck alignment without compromising comfort and plush.
  • Durable materials that are tested for durability and high performance.
  • Comes in a rolled compressed form for easy shipment.
  • Mattress will rest for 48 hours after which you can fully enjoy the comfort and support it provides.
  • It features a washable cover that will keep your mattress clean and healthy.
  • Comes with a 10 year reliable warranty.


  • At the beginning the mattress might feel a little bit too firm but it will soften over time.
  • Memory foam has an insignificant smell that fades away within several hours but some people find it a bit unpleasant.
  • The mattress might be too firm for smaller and lighter people as it features highly supportive inner coils and springs that will not compress with continuous use even when used by heavy people.

What Type of Mattresses are Best for the Overweight People?

Many kinds of mattresses for obese people are available. The testimonials of customers can help you decide which mattress to buy. Foam or latex mattresses are ideal for overweight people because they are durable and do not have spring coils. A mattress with spring coils may cause discomfort and backache when the springs wear out. This may result due to the weight of a person bearing down on the mattress. Memory latex foams are also ideal for overweight people because they offer good back support. Some spring mattresses are also ideal for heavy people. In order to choose the right spring mattress, you should look out for coils, which are specifically designed to hold weight. Another good alternative for overweight individuals is air beds because they allow users to reduce or increase the air in them in order to adjust the firmness.


The manufacturers of mattresses for overweight people understand that sleep is a vital aspect of a healthy daily routine. Good sleep goes a long way in helping people feel happy and physically fit. Good sleep is possible with a well designed, sturdy and soft mattress. When buying a mattress, you should remember that comfort is one of the essential qualities to look out for. Therefore, it is important to perform proper research in order to find the mattress that offers great value. The best mattress is one that offers an affordable, pain free solution to the sleeping problems that overweight people complain about. You can buy any of the three mattresses above because each one can be consider.