Best Mattress For The Money

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Why Shopping Online is A More Affordable Option

When shopping online, the mattress you choose is determined by a few things: finding the best mattress for the money or best memory foam mattress, and finding the best mattress according to your physical needs. Mattresses, at their best, will support the various sleeping positions of yourself, and your partner. They are structured either with memory-foam/latex or box-spring/inner-spring combinations with another layer on top. Typically, memory foam is described as a weaker material. This can be true for various mattress, but the industry and producers have recognized the necessity of improving the quality of the memory foam, and delivering better results.

Best Mattress for the Money

Mattresses in stores can reach up to $1000 to $2500, and even more if you’re looking for those kind of price ranges. The mattresses you find online, are a fraction of the cost, which can naturally incite suspicion in terms of quality. So, what is the best mattress for the money?

The price range you’ll probably want to stick to is above $200. Anything below this, may be of subpar quality, and manufactured specifically for an absolute basic necessity. The bars set for yourself, beyond this price point will vary according to your needs. Mattresses that deliver research and development-based memory foam (which is a common material online), can range up to $700. An example here would be the Bear Mattress, which is helpful for those who suffer from back pains. The primary reason here is that it employscelliant technology, which is its unique feature. You can read an extended review on The Bear Mattress here.

How Can I Evaluate A Memory-Foam Mattress?

Memory-foam is one of the more commonly-used material for mattresses. You’ll find cheaper versions of memory foam, and you’ll find better quality and therefore, higher-priced memory foam. The mattress for the money you’re willing to spend, will vary, as mentioned earlier to your needs. If you have lower back or upper back pain, then you’ll probably want to look at an orthopedically-sound mattresses. Memory foam mattresses, will include various layers. You’ll find that the thicker the mattress, the better quality of sleep. This can be for various reasons.

The memory foam structures of mattresses can be illustrated in the diagrams below. An important aspect is the density of mattresses to reduce the feeling of coils below. This can happen in mattresses that are below $200 price-point, which is a huge weakness for those.

If you’re buying a mattress with innerspring or boxspring:

Then you’ll want to look at a mattress with a thicker layer, this will help with reducing the feeling of the coils, so that they can comfortably contour to your physical positions, and sleeping movement. The ranges in thickness are typically from 8 inches to 15 inches.

A list of mattresses that fit this category:

Memory foam mattresses, are usually found with various other materials, which you may have noticed when reading the descriptions of the options available. These materials typically help with improving the softness and overall comfort of a mattress.

The coils and boxspring structures have various other features that define how well they can do their job at keeping you comfortable.

  • Length
  • Material
  • Structure

Typically, the gauge/coil length in mattresses depends on the funding, and what the mattress is manufactured to do. The material of coils are usually metallic. The rule of thumb here is that, if they’re ever (and this is rare), not metalic, you should research why, and look at reviews to help figure out how reliable they are.

The structure of the box-spring or innerspring is typically based on various ways of distribution, which ultimately help to distribute the weight of your body whilst asleep. Many only-foam mattresses compensate with a zone-structure. Zone-structures can be a little harder to evaluate, because of their unfamiliarity to the market. One commonly used Zone Structure is the 3-Zone System, which helps with addressing various parts of the body.

The Features You’ll Want to Pay for, and the Ones You Shouldn’t Have to Pay Extra for

There will be brands of mattresses that insinuate some sort of competitive edge by having a box-spring or an inner-spring combined with a memory foam layer. This firstly, doesn’t mean that it’s exceptional in any way. Second, this type of structure is simply something that categorizes the type of product it is. The main feature you’ll want to see as price-elevator, is the technology used for the mattress, and then check to see the reviews of the mattress. Unfortunately, many new products include reviews that are bought.

If the number of reviews is higher than 3000, you can safely assume that it has actually been trialed by various customers. A lower number is a riskier choice. At the same time, many products are new to the market, and these ‘fake reviews’ are necessary to spring it into the limelight for consumers.

The ‘selling point’ of the material developed for mattresses will be in the customers deemed best for the product. The Helix Mattress is a customisable mattress, so it’s good for people who may have specific needs, or would like to add various things. This kind of product suits people, who know the best type of features required for a mattress through their own trial-and-error experiences.

Below is a list of mattresses that are sold according to a range of specific needs and for specific types of customers:

  • Athletes
  • Obese People
  • Couples

You’ll notice that some mattresses are described as ideal for couples. If the description of a mattress doesn’t include this feature, it may mean that the contouring-ability of the mattress isn’t guaranteed, or that isn’t a strong-point.

Why Below $250 is A Risk Not Worth Taking if You Can Afford More?

Despite the fact that a review on the best mattresses for the money should be about the cheapest possible mattresses, your quality of sleep should be kept in mind. Below $200 mattresses usually sell themselves on two features:

  • That they can be flipped and used on both sides
  • That they’re manufactured in an environmentally friendly way
  • They they’re easily delivered through a compression technology

You’ll find all mattresses are Centri-PLUS certified. When a mattress is very affordable, the fact that it can be flipped on both sides, usually means that the structure may be flimsy. This isn’t necessarily true for all. Some mattresses can be flipped on both sides, simply because their research found that their customer-base appreciates that feature.

The third feature regarding the delivery is in a grey area. Many mattresses promote using this technology, but some do it better than others. The decompression of a mattress due to it being rolled up for ease of transportation is commonplace, however Signature Sleep are pioneers in this technology, but various claim excellence in this department.

At the same time, many mattresses found on this website are cheaper than $250. While they are definitely on the cheaper side, they can be useful. It really depends on the criteria that you require in a mattress.

How To Save Time While Finding the Best Mattress for the Money?

An affordable option, is never a bad option depending on how you do it. Your approach to shopping for an affordable mattress should be based on some research. This sounds like a lot of time-investment, so a shortcut to doing this is writing a list of what you need in a mattress, typing those features into Google, and specifically looking at those products. That way, you’re not overwhelmed by all the options, all the possible fake/genuine reviews, and can figure out your price range accordingly.
Here are a few brief reviews on various mattresses and their key elements.

1. Sleep Master King Size Memory Foam Mattress

  • Thicker Foam-Density, Mid-Range Price, Good for Lumbar Support & Obese People

2. Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch

  • Cheaper

3. The Bear Mattress

  • Athletes, Orthopedic effect

Mattresses That Will Probably Make You Think You Need to Pay More

Mattresses that require more time-investment, but not necessarily money is a mattress for a bad back. Lower, and upper back pain, or neck pain can be seriously troublesome in regards to your sleep quality, and overall quality of life. Chronic soreness can severely lower your overall positivity, and life can already be hard enough without having to face physical obstacles. This is why looking into the structure of the mattress is important in making a decision.

There are various institutions that specialize in creating mattresses specifically for people who suffer from these issues. A good way to find these type of mattresses, are by searching for those institutions and seeing their recommended products. To avoid trickery, find common features or common products that are frequently mentioned. There is a bit of trial-and-error involved here, but the end-result can help tremendously in alleviating the pain, and creating a more manageable quality of life. Stay positive that these products are available, and at an affordable price.

A List of Features to Help You Find the Best Mattress for the Money

Here is a list of mattresses that are able to accommodate most people’s needs. Not everyone has issues with their backs, or are allergic to material in the mattress. This is a list of some safety-guaranteed mattresses, which are all under $1000.

Best Mattress Above 500

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Best mattress under 500

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The main feature of the above list is the firmness-softness combination. They will all provide this combination, however they also vary in durability and longevity. The list below is a list ranked according to the average usage-time ranked in an increasing order.

Alternative Brands

There are various brands in online mattresses.

  1. Signature Sleep
  2. Brentwood Home
  3. Dynasty Mattress

These brands are generally unimportant, but can be used as a way to filter through the types of mattresses you want. If you’ve bought from a brand before, it can be a good way to stick with something you like. Of course, if you had a bad experience with the brand, you can look at the alternatives.

Review-Based Options

As mentioned earlier, various reviews of newer brands can be generated by the manufacturer to create an artificial face of reliability. This doesn’t mean they are unreliable, it simply means that they are newer to the market. Below are a few graphs that rank some of the King-Sized or Queen-sized firm-soft, memory foam mattresses by customer reviews.