Brentwood Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Review

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The bamboo memory foam mattresses found online come in many varieties, and is one of the best gel memory foam mattresses. It is a fact that, our, about a quarter of the day is spent in bed. Whether we spend that time sleeping peacefully or just lay down and pass the time. And all of this depends a lot on the type of mattress used.

Finding an ideal mattress does not mean that is should be expensive in price. Some mattresses these days, which are highly expensive and do not provide those facilities that a person wants. It is a difficult task in searching for a right mattress that has good material, which adjusts according to one’s body in a right way. As people’s body adjusts differently, some want a firmer mattress and some want a softer one. Bamboo memory foam mattress is the right thing that a person is in search for, to get comfort and a peaceful sleep. It comes in different sizes as one wants.

Bamboo memory foam mattresses are used for comfort purpose. In addition to it, for a better sleep at night an ideal mattress should be used that helps in reducing the pressure points on the body. Moreover, this bamboo memory foam mattress is specifically designed with care for those who take an extra care of their joints or for the ones with joint disabilities. This memory foam gel mattress has a 4-way stretch knit on the bamboo covers which helps in improving the comfort level and its longevity.


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1. Affordable

Affordability is one of the major factors that one looks for in any product. People these days want those products that not only satisfy their needs but are also price sensitive and easy to buy. Because of the affordability quality of this gel foam mattress, it has won a lot of appreciation among the users and the buyers. Its price is designed in such a way that everyone is easily able to buy it.

Brentwood Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress comfort level

2. Comfort Level

The comfort level is one of the major concerns of people. Not all mattresses satisfy everyone’s needs. As joint and backache issues are the major concern these days, people having this problem are unable to sleep comfortable at night because of which they wake up on fresh and dull in the morning. But now, because of this wonderful memory gel mattress they can say a bye to these problems. The gel used in this mattress helps in increasing the comfort level and adjusts itself according to one’s need.

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3. Odorless

The odor is one of the major concerns these days. As mattress these days, have their odor which is, for some people very uncomfortable and unbearable. Especially old people are the ones that have problems with the odor of the mattress. The odd smell of the mattress makes a person unable to sleep. The gel foam mattress is completely odorless, which won’t let anyone compromise their sleep and affect their health.

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4. Firmness and Softness

The firmness and softness of this bamboo memory foam mattress is unbeatable and undeniable. It adjusts according to one wants. The softness leads to a comfortable sleep. The firmness of the mattress can be seen by its 5-years of warranty. It is a highly recommendable and one of the favorite mattresses used among people.

5. Size

Although getting a mattress in the different size is not a big issue these days, getting a ‘right’ one is. This king size, 13’ inch gel foam mattress has now become one of the most famous and preferring mattresses these days. Its huge size helps the whole family sleep on one mattress. Moreover, as the size is very big it is very feasible and economic for the families with huge guest arrivals.



  • One of the major pros of this gel foam mattress is that the motion
  • Transfer is minimized and is very durable which will last long if properly cared


  • One of the major cons of this mattress is its tendency of becoming hot while sleeping


How soft would you say this mattress is on a scale of 1-10??
I would say around 8. After sleeping on it for about a month, my body ache got relieved. You don’t just sink into it. After laying you can feel your body slowly lower a little. Not like some couches where you need help to get out of the sink hole .
What is the density of foam used in each layer?
Unsure about the individual density but I guess it’s round about 4lb density which is just perfect for me .

Final Verdict

The reviews tell everything about the bamboo memory foam mattress. It is of the leading mattresses across the world which maintain its word of mouth. The softness and firmness of the Bamboo memory foam mattress are the indications about its all great features and its quality. No other mattress can beat this one because it is highly appreciated among the people and a frequently purchased one. If one is still unsure about this mattress, then he/she should give this mattress a try and see its results themselves. This mattress has won a high recognition among the people and is a highly recommendable one.