Englander Finale 10″ Hybrid Mattress Review

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With this hybrid mattress review, your mattress shopping experience can feel a lot less stressful. Online, measurements are very useful, however comparing foam density, comfort and spring-created noise can be difficult. You’ll find these features demystified in this review and that this mattress stands out in price, eco-friendliness, and comfort.

When reading this review make sure to take a look at some of the Amazon reviews in addition to this one. I am attempting to give an overall hybrid mattress review, and highlight why this one is good.You’ll also see individual reviews praising features that may be important to you.

There are various features that can be very confusing for a first-time purchaser of a mattress, especially if it’s online. Various features can involve certain feelings like comfort and firmness-softness, which are typically ascertained when shopping at a store. Online, these features are said to be measurable or at least comparable when looking at specifics like coil
count, spring structure or foam layer density. To get the support and comfort of a mattress, without digging into your wallet too deeply, you can check out these Bonus Facts to help in your search for a mattress:

Foam Density and Zones of Support Mattress thickness helps for comfort (especially between 6-14 inches). This mattress is also made with 3 separate zones for ultimate comfort.

Mattresses are bad for the environment. Some foam is made with low VOC emissions, but few are made of truly organic material like this one. This minimizes harm in the environment during its manufacturing.

Extra Lumbar Provides Back Support the 3-Zone Support System of Englander Finale allows for lumbar support, for various body types and sleeping positions.

Spring Guage Counts Coil count (spring count) help for back pain but so does material, and 14-Spring Gauge can help reduce noise.


englander hybrid mattress layers

1. Fluppy Comfort

Foam density, size and 3-Zone Innerspring Mattress is the reason for customers praising the restful comfort found when sleeping on this hybrid mattress. Comfort is definitely assured with the 3-Zone Support System.

innerspring mattress

2. Innerspring Mattress

This mattress is built with innersprings, which, combined with the 3-Zone Support System help define how the springs enable the best comfort for lower and upper-back pains. If someone moves in their sleep, the Gauge reduces noise and the springs rotate and shift according to your positioning.


3. Affordable

5-Star reviews are hard to come by for mattresses, which is why the raving reviews on this one are very telling. The overall praise for this mattress must be in part because of the quality, considering its affordability. If you’re looking for something affordable, this mattress should be high up on your list of contenders.

Englander Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Mattress firmness and softness

4. Firmness and Softness

Mattresses come from very firm to very soft, so the complication of choosing mattresses online can be even more of a hassle. This mattress offers both a comfortable firmness, and assured lumbar support without attempting to mimic a floor. The foam density affords customers a comfortable layer, and fluffy embrace.

5. Delivery

Delivery of this mattress makes this whole process very easy. Due to the innerspring structure, the mattress can very easily be unpacked and used, as there is no smell whatsoever to the material.


When looking at price, this is a recommendable product to take note of. When looking at the reviews, it definitely has a following of customers who have been very satisfied with the quality and price. The 1-Year Warranty makes it a safer purchase, although very few seem to be using it. It offers a great product at a friendly price.



  • Great for single sleepers who move somewhat
  • Comfortable and offer great lumbar support
  • Quick delivery


  • Some noise with innersprings
  • Limited longevity

Final Verdict

This is a very comfortable mattress, with a spectacular price and an even more approachable sales price. We find this is a great nominee for your bedroom, and this guide hopefully helps your search for a hybrid mattress review.