Home Life Comfort Sleep 6″ Mattress Review

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As the doctors say, comfortable sleep can make your whole day fresh and awesome which means you have to choose the most comfortable mattress that can relax you. The recent advancement in technology has brought some products like Home Life Comfort Sleep 6-Inch Mattress which brings your sleep comfort to the next level. Not only will this mattress make your body cool throughout the night, but the memory foam will eliminate all the twinges and aches that caused by your old mattress. It is specially designed to keep your vertebrae sustained, say goodbye to all old era mattresses. Many of the consumers using this mattress recommend using it to make our night overwhelming.

This product is specially manufactured for:

  • A Person who wants to sleep in cozy.
  • People who are suffering from pressure points along shoulders, neck, back and hip.
  • For the working people who spend their whole day sitting on a chair.
  • Housewives, which mostly suffers from back pain

After all the deep research and comparing the most comfortable mattress reviews and reading feedbacks of the people who may or may not enjoy the comfort of this mattress, we came out with some of the features which really works, and can help you in selecting this mattress.


Extreme Pleasure

1. Extreme Pleasure

The amazing design that supports your vertebrae puts this comfortable mattress front of the line from its competitors. It creates an equal weight distribution because of the 480 tempered steel independently encased steel coils which evacuate the pressure points present along your shoulders, hips, neck, etc. The layer of polyester around the coils and the covers ensures that your body is completely supported by the mattress, which results in high comfort.

2. Easy Shipping

Shipping of huge products is a big problem, resulting in tearing and physical damage to the mattress that’s why most people think twice before buying over online or the people who are living in remote places and cannot buy from local market does not rely on buying there.

That is why this mattress is shipped compressed and rolled and hence this mattress will reach you as new as manufactured. Now people living in remote places can also take advantage of this feature.

Perfect Size

3. Perfect Size

This 6 inch king sized Home Life comfort mattress will fit your bed as it was specially manufactured for that particular bed, which makes buying this mattress more easy, you do not have to worry about size anymore which results in exchanging the mattress many times to fit the perfect size of the bed. The 6 inch size feels like 8-10 inch thick mattress which means it gives equal comfort like 8-10 inch thick mattress.

most comfortable mattress

4. 15 Gauge Coils

480 high grade 15 Gauge coils made from steel and perfectly encased features let funk your body completely in the most comfortable mattress which means a full weight support of your body. Best for the people who are suffering from back pain because their older mattress did not let the vertebra completely supported.

Good Quality Mattress

5. Quality

The quality of the foam protects the mattress to form a concave shape.



  • Supports your vertebrae, removes stress developed during sleeping.
    Squeak free.
  • Say no to back pain, it helps people who are suffering from it.
  • Perfect fit for your bed, no need for further exchanges


  • The 6 inch thickness might make a difference in height of the bed, you look unpleasing a huge weakness of this brand is firmness.
  • The packing is vacuum sealed, which might be the problem for some consumers because it’s a little tricky to open it.
  • It might feel quite firm to some consumers, who prefer a soft mattress, this is not for you.


What are the dimensions of a twin size mattress?
The dimensions are 39 x 75inch .
Can you fold it in half to store it when not in use?
Yes, you can do it. It can be folded in two, but there might be some negative consequences .
Can I use this directly as my mattress without any other memory foam etc? If so, is it comfortable?
Yes, it is quite comfortable without memory foam, but you have to put some box or support beneath it.


Before buying Home life comfort sleep 6 inch king size mattress, first consider all the pros and cons and then decide if this mattress really fits your requirement and budget. In my view, this is the most comfortable mattress and affordable in price and many features of this mattress as we discussed earlier makes it stand out from the line of its competitors. If you want to upgrade your old mattress because of comfort issues, this might be the best mattress available in the market.