How to Make a Hard Mattress More Comfortable?

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Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can cause a lot of sleeping problems. It will keep you tossing all night and might cause muscle strain in the back and the neck. There are a few ways you can resort to fix this issue. So if you want to know how to make a hard mattress more comfortable and always wondering how can I make my bed softer, then you have come to the right place.

How to Make a Hard Mattress More Comfortable?

Making a mattress softer is not a hard job. If your mattress is too firm and you are wondering how to make a hard mattress softer, you can easily adopt one of the following methods:

Break in the Mattress

If you are wondering how to make a hard mattress more comfortable, then maybe you just need to use it more often. New mattresses are usually firm and will always feel a little hard. Continue using the mattress and sleep on it every day. Use it several times a day to break it in. This will definitely make your hard mattress feel softer.

Use a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper will make a hard mattress feel softer. It is a great addition to an old mattress and will make it feel as good as new offering the right amount of support and lush providing the adequate amount of pressure relief. A mattress topper made from memory foam will make a hard mattress feel softer. Some people prefer using a topper made from dawn feathers to give the lush and comfortable feeling. There are a lot of kinds and types providing different levels of support and comfort to suit every need.

Warm up the Mattress

If you are sleeping on a memory foam mattress that feels too hard, then maybe you just need to warm it up. Memory foam gets softer when it gets warmer using the body temperature so maybe your room is too cold. A memory foam mattress will get softer with time and will feel softer the more you sleep on it.

Using one or all these methods will answer the question of how to make a hard mattress more comfortable. But what if the mattress is too soft? A mattress that is too soft is equally uncomfortable. It doesn’t provide enough support and you might feel your body sinking in. In this section we demonstrate the best ways to fix this problem.

Check the Mattress Foundation

The support of mattress comes from the foundation layer, so fixing this part often fixes the support problem of the mattress. Check to see if you have any broken springs. Make sure that the bed frame is not broken. If you are using slats make sure that they are not broken or placed too wide away from each other. If the bed is used by 2 partners, you can always place a wooden board between the mattress and the bed. This will make the mattress a little bit soft on one side and harder on the other.

Add a Firm Mattress Topper

Although most mattress toppers are made to increase softness, some kinds will make the mattress feel firmer and harder. Use a mattress topper that is made from firm latex or compact wool. These will provide more support and firmness.

Check the Insides of the Mattress

You might need to check your insides of the mattress to see if there are any replaceable parts. If you can replace some of the supportive layers inside the mattress, then this will definitely improve the support level. But you have to be careful because if the insides of your mattress are glued together then trying to replace a layer will void your warranty and will probably ruin your mattress.

Rotate Your Mattress

A mattress normally gets softer with time due to wear and tear. So you need to occasionally rotate your mattress to make sure that it doesn’t sag too much due to continuous use. Flipping the mattress will lengthen its life time and will ensure that it provides the level of support and firmness you need as long as you can still use it.

Sleeping on a comfortable mattress is the best way to ensure a night of uninterrupted sleep and to keep back and neck pain at bay.