How to Figure Out King Size Mattress Dimensions According to Your Room Size

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So, how big should your room be for a king size bed? And how big are the dimensions of a king size mattress actually? Before trying to figure out whether you want a foam-coil mattress, or the colours of your sheets, you’ll want to know the appropriate dimensions of a king size bed. The way you decorate your room plays a big role but you don’t need to be an interior designer to use your space well.

Name of The Game: Optimize Space

First things first, choose practical tables. King mattresses are big mattresses and you can’t always assume that your bedroom will fit a king unless it’s a very large room. With a small room it requires a bit of creativity to figure out how to best fit a King. As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to find some possibly irregularly shaped tables to keep your room from feeling too claustrophobic. I’m a huge fan of floating tables that you can drill into your walls, as they essentially keep everything organized without taking any floor space whatsoever. You’ll also want to avoid wasting space on standing lamps. Cascading hangers not only look so much better, but also offer better space-usage. If you’re very handy, then I would also suggest making your headboard a bookcase. That way you don’t burden the shelves with heavier books, and you have extra space without sacrificing the large bed you deserve. Below are some Pinterest-sourced pictures taken from a Huffington Post article.

When looking at websites suggesting certain room sizes suitable forthe dimensions of a King size you’ll want to keep architectural details in mind like windows and doors, because they can alter how the space is distributed. Now that you’ve got a few tricks in your pocket as to how to fit a King-Sized mattress into your room, you’ll want to understand that ‘King-Sized’ doesn’t refer to a one universal size. However, it’s not that manufacturers are randomly calling their mattress a King when it isn’t, so there is an order to the chaos. There are four types of king-sized mattresses, and two sizes. The names can cause confusion. So to walk you through the dimensions of a King-Sized mattress, and how they are categorized accordingly you have to first realize that there are two main types: Western and Eastern Mattresses.

Eastern/Western Kings-Sizes

There are four different names for a King Size Mattress and there’s a chance one of the four different names for a King Size mattresses will ring a bell. They are, The Standard King, Eastern King, California King and the Western King. There’s very little difference between the Standard King and the Eastern King, and the names are used interchangeably, so just assume they’re referring to similar dimensions. beds typically are about 76 inches wide and 80 inches long in size overall. Some websites say that the Standard King requires a room of 12 feet by 9 feet 10 inches.

Below you can see some pictures of how floor plans are used to predict whether a Standard or any type of King is suitable for a room. As mentioned earlier, there are architectural differences that one should be weary of. The size given by, is not written in stone, and there is naturally no specific standard size for a room but this offers a guideline as to the minimum dimensions. This link will offer some information on the different layouts deemed necessary for different types of beds, ranging from children’s single beds to a UK King-Sized Beds.

The California/Western King vs. The Standard/Eastern

The California/Western King is the less popular of the two choices of King-sized beds. The dimensions of the mattresses are 72 inches wide and 84 Inches long, although it does offer a perk of 4 inches being taken from the sides, and added to the bottom. The biggest difference between the Standard/Eastern King sized beds and the Western/California beds are that the California beds are narrower.

The Ensemble

As you can gather, there are various types of mattresses, and a notable example is the Ensemble Bed. This one will have probably come up during your research towards finding a mattress that works for your room. The Ensemble Bed has a few great benefits, in the sense that it has low leather upholstered framed backrests, and you can move around even if it was placed against a wall. It really gets you thinking as to how you want to use your space.

The Isa

Another alternative mattress that you can use, is the Isa mattress, which is a perfect solution that can easily be appropriated into you room, and adapted to the various types of tables that you can find online. The backrests of the Isa bed are not like the Ensemble, but it still allows for a floating table, like a side table to accommodate the things that you want to put in your room. While King sized mattresses are big, the creative spirit will figure out how to accommodate this, especially with so many resources online.

There are various websites, that can help with figuring out whether you have the space for a King-size bed home. Apartment suggests using walls, and the floating nightstands. Other than websites, the best way to see whether the dimensions of a king-size mattress will be suitable for your room to look at the measurements, evaluate your room and see which areas have certain space. Evaluate your floor plan, and as mentioned earlier, keep in mind the details that may either reveal more or less space than anticipated.