My Mattress Is Too Hot, What Can I Do?

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I usually used a memory foam mattress. Problem arose when i felt that my mattress is too hot to sleep. Getting enough and relaxing sleep is essential for your body health. Insufficient sleep can make you irritated and unable to properly function and think on the next day. But fighting heat during sleep is a challenge that many people have to deal with. Understanding why a mattress gets too hot is essential to find out ways to overcome this heat.

Why My Mattress is Too Hot?

Your mattress tends to get hot during summer months. When you sleep, your body goes through different stages of the sleeping cycle. During some of these stages, your body temporarily loses its ability to sweat. This in return causes your body to heat up during night.

Your mattress’s tendency to get too hot will depend on what it is made of. There are a lot of options available on the market to suit different preferences and needs. Some people might need mattresses that have a cooling system while others need mattresses that retain heat. Make sure that you conduct enough survey before you make a purchase.

Your body will feel different during different times of the day. So what feels comfortable at the beginning of your sleep might feel too hot or too cold later on.

When your bed is too hot to sleep, you are more likely to have insomnia episodes. You will not be able to have 6 to 8 hours of continuous sleep. There are a lot of solutions that you can adopt if you are struggling with a mattress that gets too hot.

Make Sure That You Are Choosing the Right Type of Mattress

The type of the material from which your mattress is made will greatly affect its tendency to get too hot or too cold. Latex mattresses are the least that get too hot. Only 7% users of latex report feeling hot during sleep. Synthetic latex tends to feel warmer and latex mattresses that have extra foam layers feel a lot hotter than those made of latex alone.

Memory foam mattresses tend to get too hot during sleep. This is especially true with high density memory foam mattresses. The higher the density the hotter the mattress will get. There are a lot of types of memory foam so make sure that you are choosing a mattress that won’t get too hot.

Inner spring or coil mattresses are made of metal that is covered by comfortable foam layers. Due to their design these mattresses tend to get hot while sleeping. The thicker the foam layers the hotter the mattress will get.
Waterbed mattresses are usually more cold than hot. Their owners usually report feeling too cold during sleep rather than feeling too hot. This is due to the fact that water absorbs body heat during night.

Choosing the right type of mattress is essential for having a good quality sleep. But like we mentioned before, your body temperature and your comfort level will fluctuate during the night. That is why you always need to come up with solutions for hot mattresses.

What Are the Best Hot Mattress Solutions?

  • The best thing to do is to invest in a mattress type that won’t naturally get too hot. Gel infused memory foam mattresses feel a lot cooler than regular memory foam mattresses. Those models that have gel close to the surface are usually cooler.
  • Plant based memory foam is a lot cooler than synthetic memory foam. Buy a plant based memory foam gel if you tend to get too hot at night.
  • If you prefer to buy a latex mattress, make sure that you are buying a mattress that is made of natural latex. Make sure that your mattress has pinholes as these will allow for more cooling effect while you sleep.
  • Waterbed mattresses are usually cold to sleep on due to the fact that water absorbs heat. Buy a waterbed mattress if you can’t sleep because you get too hot at night.
  • If you are choosing an innerspring or coil mattress, get one that doesn’t have dense layers of memory foam. Memory foam is great for comfort and plush but you can always get memory foam that won’t retain heat.
  • Cotton and bamboo sheets are great for breathability. Synthetic sheets will retain heat and will make you feel hotter at night.
    Using sheets and covers that are made of natural fibers is always better than using synthetic fibers. They will allow for breathability and will not trap heat.
  • Uncover a part of your body to have more air and allow your body to cool off while you sleep.
  • Invest in a mattress topper that won’t retain heat if you are suffering that your memory foam mattress gets too cold.
    Make sure that your mattress pad is made of natural materials that won’t trap heat. Natural wool covers and toppers will keep you cool at night and will wick away any moisture.
  • Natural silk also excels at staying cool while wicking away moisture at night.
  • That are a lot of products that help you control the temperature of your sleeping surface. This is especially important if you share the bed with someone.
  • Use different types of comforters or layers to suit different personal needs.
  • Opt for a mattress topper or protector that is made of natural fibers so that it won’t heat up.

Feeling too hot at night might affect the overall quality of your sleep and when you feel too hot to sleep, you will probably deal with interrupted sleep. Natural fibers and materials are usually better for feeling cool while you sleep. When you are trying to find a solution to your hot mattress, you must take a lot of factors into consideration. Your natural body temperature, your partner’s preference, the nature of the mattress material and the nature of the covers. The answer to your problem could be as easy as changing the sheets or the mattress topper. Or you might have to invest in a different type of mattresses that won’t heat up as much. Experts confirm that the quality of your sleep can affect the overall quality of your life. So make sure that you are making the right decision when you are buying a mattress.