Signature Sleep King Size Memory Foam Mattress Review

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This guide aims at helping you read the presented information on buying mattresses online. Online, a king size memory foam mattress contains its size measurements in the product description. The actual sense of the mattress in terms of firmness and softness or its bounciness are all factors that can’t be physically determined through a screen. If you take away one thing, remember that the best mattresses in order are memory foam, latex, air and then innerspring.

Yawns are contagious and sleep is a necessary activity, but we have no idea why. The consequences of not sleeping have been with a king size memory foam mattress own to result in reduced energy and poorer dietary decisions. Signature Sleep’s corporate goal is to improve the customer lifestyles by improving the way they sleep every night. You would have a king size memory foam mattress, right in your bedroom.

Signature Sleep’s Memoir Foam Mattress in 12 inches Mattress qualifies as perfect for couples, and overweight people by offering stable Lombard support:

Mattresses are bad for the environment at various brands, including Signature Sleep, the foam is low in VOC emissions (found in tobacco, car engines etc.) for indoor air quality.

Extra Lumbar Provides Back Support is found in various Signature Sleep mattresses, especially for couples or overweight people.

Foam Layers Make a Better Bed Standard mattress thickness ranges from 6-14 inches. This mattress is 8, which, combined with coils offers a superior product.

Coil Numbers Count, but So Does Material Signature Sleep mattresses have a range of coils all above 400, made of encased coils.


a happy feedback

1. Comfort

Signature Sleep Memoiris praised by a majority of customers, as being universally comfortable by a huge majority of those who did review the product. King size memory foam mattress customers describe a cheerful experience, as they were both happy with the price and quality of the foam mattress.

Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress in the box

2. Delivery and Roll-Out

This mattress, was delivered to username Travis, rolled up as shown in the photos.

Despite, the large size and thickness, the king size memory foam mattress easily inflates. Travisty describes that the firmness of the mattress was found as welcoming since it accommodated her aching neck and lower back pain.


3. Affordable

Many of the 5-star reviewers found that the mattress was extremely affordable.

Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress firmness and softness

4. Firmness and Softness

Many of the five-star reviewers, expressed a preference for different levels of softness, and firmness, although the very same described the bed to be comfortable. It balances the demand for both a firm and soft mattress for customers.

5. High-Density Foam Layer

The high-density foam layer isn’t discussed specifically by customers but results in the very comfortable feel of the king size memory foam mattress. The difference is that this bed has an additional 3.5-Inches, which provides the added comfort of customers.


Signature Sleep mattress boasts the combined efforts of a thick Foam Layer, and an above-average coil count made of tempered steel. The Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is more residual and boasts a better lumbar support for the customers using it. Although durability, is typically seen as an issue for the Signature Sleep Memoir brand, king size memory foam mattress.



  • It has a lot of great reviews
  • It has no money-back guarantee
  • It provides great comfort to customers


  • Perceived comfort with coil counts and foam density can be subjective
  • A huge weakness of this brand is firmness
  • Longevity is another weakness with this brand


How many pillows do you need to fall asleep with?

One .

What would you never eat in bed?
Nothing, I eat anything in bed .
Do you know how to sleep with your eyes open?

Unfortunately I don’t, but you can wear sunglasses .


Signature Sleep offers a range of products, and the 12-inch mattress at under 150 dollars, is a very good bargain considering its combination of Foam Layer, and Coil Count. We hope that as predictably more companies follow in-line to combine Foam Layers and Coil Count, at lower prices consumers will be able to find and rely on information they need(like reviews) to shop online.