Sleep Master iCoil Spring Mattress Review

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With so many Spring Mattress options in your search results, this guide should help you sift through the embellishments to recognize critical differences in quality between products.For this particular option, this king-sized box spring set, affords customers with the utmost comfort. It offers a master iCoil 13-inch, with an ultra-soft foam layer. If looking for an affordable mattress, with a unique combination of features that allow for daily restful sleep, this Sleep Master iCoil 13 Inch Euro Top Spring Mattress with BiFold Box Springs is definitely an example that one should take a look at.
Below, you’ll find some great Bonus Features and Tips on how to best choose a mattress for your bedroom:

Mattresses can harm the environment Mattresses contribute to the depletion of our ozone layer, which is why low VOC emission-made foam allows for eco-friendly manufacturing.

Coils are generally important because of coil count. Coil count indicates how supportive a mattress can be, although the structure and material is just as important.

BiFold Box Spring Coils and springs are interchangeably used, but both refer to the organic shaping of a mattress to someone’s positioning or any aches.

Smart Shipped is an innovative technology made to ensure ease of delivery and immediate use for customers.

Most mattresses boast foam layers, which add to one’s comfort and to compensate for the feeling of the coils beneath the foamy layer. Some products discuss coil count, but rest assured that coils, and springs are one and the same. High-quality Foam and Fiber Quilted covers give this mattress a luxurious quality you won’t easily find with other products. Traditionally, mattresses use spring sets, which is why the BiFold Box Spring differs so vastly from the others. With this technology, the durability of the mattress can be conveniently guaranteed. Furthermore, Smartly Shipped is a patented technology, which allows this mattress to be wrapped up, and efficiently rolled out for immediate use without the typical odor of newly purchased products.


Sleep Master Pocketed Mattress Foundation top cover

1. Luxurious Comfort with Foam and Fiber-Quilted Covers

The BiFold Spring set, and foam and fiber-quilted covers offer customers a rarified experience of comfort at this price range. It’s an exceptionally soft, and firm structure, which enhances the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

BiFold Spring Set

2. BiFold Spring Set

The BiFold Spring Set allows this mattress to expand at an ease like no other. With the independent iCoils, the BiFold Spring Set allows for flexible spacing between the coils, and springs that can move without obstruction according to your positioning.


3. Affordable

The features that are included in this mattress are exceptional because the price is very convenient. The hefty price of a usual mattress can be avoided, as this one is very affordable, and can be considered something not to worry about.

Sleep Master Pocketed Mattress Foundation layers

4. Zipper and Washable

This mattress allows for this product to be unpacked and used, without the firmness and softness being damaged in any way. Due to the patented technology and excellent manufacturing standards, the firmness and softness of the mattress are upheld for customers to enjoy and rely on every night.

5. Delivery

The patented technology of the technology for this mattress allows it to be used the moment it is unpacked. Once out of the box, it can be decompressed and expanded, as well as odorless, for customers to enjoy immediately.


This king size mattress, and box spring luxury product gives customers the experience of deserved rest on a great foundation. The price is extremely affordable, considering the features it combines into one. With this guide, this contender should be on the top of your list of choices when opting for the final winner.



  • Uniquely comfortable experience due to foam and fiber-layering
  • Reliable warranty (and rare in this price-range)
  • Durable and assured lumbar support


  • This mattress cannot be used on both sides
  • It doesn’t come with covers or pillows


Do most mattresses account for unexpected allergic reactions that customers may have?
Some do, and some don’t – you should check the product descriptions to see if they are .


In comparison to other products, this mattress should be strongly considered as a good option, as it guarantees a comfortable experience. In comparison to other mattresses, it offers high quality foam, and fiber layers as well as the BiFold Spring Set. In your search for a mattress, you should look at the reviews for additional feedback on the comfort of this mattress.