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What Basic Information Do You Need to Know to Buy A Mattress for Bad Backs?

Many sleepers don’t have to worry about bad backs, but many mattresses can help if neck and pains are cause for frustration and increased pain due to poor quality mattresses. The best mattress for bad back needs to have a combination of features such as a firm-soft sense of comfort. With some foam mattresses, you have zone-support, which offers this lumbar support, and many coil-foam mattresses have certain structures that distribute one’s weight equally without burdening the neck or back. To find the best mattress for a bad back requires a bit of a research, but this guide can help in making this decision. So, what’s the most important information that you need to buy a mattress? Which products should you be looking at? And why those in particular?

The adverse effects of a poor quality mattress can far outweigh the price for a decent quality, reliably reviewed mattress, especially if you are already facing back and neck pains.

Why are These Mattresses So Much Cheaper?

When shopping online you’ll want to keep in mind that you’re not able to fully try out the mattress. Nevertheless, there are various guides online that can help you understand the features of mattresses, to understand whether you’re buying a softer or firmer mattress. As someone who is facing back and neck pain, the best mattress for bad back combines firmness and softness, because the softness can add extra comfort, especially for side-sleepers. The firmness allows the back and neck to stay in certain ergonomic positions.

Although you may think that mattresses should be bought the same way one might a car, this is actually untrue. Many mattresses have shorter lifespans, and replacing mattresses on a regular basis (every four years), is highly recommendable. As you try out different mattresses over the course of your life, you’ll find yourself becoming better able to gage what kind of mattress suits your body best. Naturally, as you go older, your needs may change. This is why finding the best mattress for a bad back can become more critical, as such issues can arise as someone reaches certain ages.

While a mattress can work wonders for someone’s bad back, it shouldn’t be assumed that a mattress can suddenly replace real physical therapy. Nevertheless, it can support you in your progress towards better health. There are various types of mattresses mentioned in this review like the Saatva Mattress, Helix and Bear Mattress. You can browse more through this website to find mattresses that are also suitable for additional lumbar support.

What are the Type of Products Out There That Fit My Needs?

The Saatva Mattress is a well-established product, and is backed by the Congress of Chiropractic and the Healthbridge Sleep Clinic. This mattress helps a lot of people, and gives the opportunity to relieve through your sleep. The Helix mattress, aids in this way as well, in addition to being customisable, which gives the consumer more options for improving the quality of their sleep. The Bear mattress can work wonders, especially for those who are athletic, play rough sports or are working on their muscles and joints. This way the mattress can help relieve any suffering aches from backs, and it doesn’t have to cost you anything if it doesn’t work out.

The Saatva Mattress consists of innersprings, which is automatically considered a beneficial feature for those suffering of chronic back pain.

Innersprings, typically have a very strong structure, contour themselves to the distribution of your weight while sleeping, and provide the ergonomic factor necessary in a mattress aimed towards helping those with back pains. While innersprings are a good lower structure for a mattress, the memory foam layer provides the softer touch that sleepers may desire.

The Helix Mattress is a another well-reviewed type of mattress.It combines soft-firm properties, with a natural latex material, memory foam (like the Saatva) and micro-coils below.

Coil-Foam combinations typically elevate the quality of one’s sleep, because it essentially means the mattress can remain firm, attuned to one’s body while assuredly offering the softness of a memory foam layer.

The Bear Mattress is one of the newer types of mattresses, but still has a few reviews. Unlike the Saatva and the Helix, it’s actually just made of foam. The reason manufacturers can feel confident about creating an only-foam mattress is because they’ve invested certain technology to offer a similar experience.

This mattress is gel-infused, and with memory foam, it offers the lumbar support coil structures offer, while staying soft. The added benefit is that those who are suffering from back pain and/or neck pain, who also sweat a lot, can find this material to be very breathable and have a very cooling effect.

Want to see more options? Here’s a list with links to extended reviews:

Those are various possibilities that you can look into, when trying to buy a mattress. Are you confused from all the possibilities? Not to worry, because you can use this guide to find the appropriate features you need to buy a mattress. The Saatva mattress is considered to be the best, for this guide and for others. It’s a really great product with a very strong foundation, good padding, recommended material, and many satisfied customers.

What Kind of Critical Features Do You Need to Look Out For in a Mattress for Bad Backs?

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The critical features to look out for are whether or not, the mattress combines a firm-soft experience while sleeping.


  • Look at the type of material being used, whether it’s memory foam, gel memory foam or micro-coils memory foam. There are other types of material like latex or bamboo. These can also be good, but you’ll want to see how thick they are, and if there is a lower coil-structure. If it’s thicker, the coils won’t be as bothersome and there will be reduced noise as well, and this can be especially important for light sleepers.
  • If a mattress is customisable it is typically a good option, but reading, and researching the important features that can make a difference for your sleep quality. When a mattress is customisable, it’s easier for the quality to be guaranteed.
  • Take a look at the technology used to make the quality of the mattress. There are different types like Zone-Systems (like the 3-Zone System), which help distribute the weight evenly and contour your body. You’ll find this especially with Foam Mattresses.
  • You should also take into consideration the pricing of mattresses. As mentioned earlier, by removing the middle-man these mattresses are a lot cheaper. Seeing a mattress that is more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is better.

Besides this, as mentioned earlier, changing mattresses is very important but warranties should be taken note of, especially when considering the products mentioned here. With these products you can test them, and if not satisfied you can return them, which is uncommon for many products that are bought online.

No single mattress works for everybody, any mattress that can be too stiff can severely increase any back or neck-pains that one could be suffering from. You’ll want to find something that meets your standards. For comfort and a good night’s sleep, you’ll want to also inquire about the physical components of the mattress to see how the coils are structured. The way they are arranged, the depths, which range anywhere from 7 to 18 inches deep. Choosing the number of coils, and padding can be important to figure out your individual preference and individual needs. Mattresses need to also provide back support, in addition to the comfort.

The patient who feels muscle soreness or lower back pains, medium-firmness usually provide more back pain relief than firm mattresses. This achieves a balance between back support and comfort. It is equally important that it is firm to address pressure points, especially in the shoulder or hip area. Back support, with great padding can cause greater comfort. When it’s time, to get a new mattress it’s time to purchase a new one. If it’s sagging, then a new mattress is needed.

To sample mattresses people can try sleeping on different models. People can try lying on the mattress for several minutes to decide if it is a good fit. There are some ways to make sure you’ve chosen an appropriate mattress for yourself. You’ll want to give a mattress a test-run, to sample whether it actually helps you sleep. If two people are sleeping, there should be enough space for it to be comfortable. Also, make sure to purchase mattresses from trustworthy companies. Warranty options can suddenly be considered void with shadier suppliers. If not satisfied, you may find yourself stuck, and not able to ask for your money back. A mattress should also be repositioned every six months, to ensure that is worn. Some suppliers will not accept the return unless it’s been used sufficiently. The Better Sleep Council advises that mattresses should not be put on a box spring/foundation, as this can cause a reduced lifespan.

How Should I Evaluate My Future Mattress?

Insulation, ticking and quilting, padding and the foundation all culminate into the overall constitution of a mattress, which can either ‘make or break’ whether the quality of a mattress is good enough for you. Naturally, if you are suffering from severe lower and upper back pain, and/or neck pain, you’ll want to discuss your options with your doctor as well. The reasons those features are important to look out for will be discussed shortly.

The layers of the padding can keep a mattress consistent, so that the stitching isn’t too vulnerable to any wear. It’s a good idea to examine the stitching, but if you’re not buying it at a store, then you could try speaking to the manufacturer directly.

The insulation of a mattress is important because the heat can provide relief to your sore muscles and joints. Fortunately, the insulation won’t cause your joints or muscles to tense up again, once you wake up, because it’s not too heated. This is why mattresses that don’t make you sink into them, in a pool of sweat is very important. An evenly cool and warm mattress is important both to a bad back, and your comfort.

The foundation of a mattress largely depends on where you put it, but also on the foundation of the mattress itself, I discussed earlier, that if you put the mattress on certain foundations, the warranty may be considered void. However, when discussing the foundation of a mattress, it can also referring to the foundation i.e. the box springs, or the plain wooden frame. These can make the mattress stronger, and it’s recommended in a mattress for bad backs. It helps to extend the lifetime of the mattress, or at least maintain the quality of the mattress for the duration of your possession of it. That way, when you do replace it, you’re not replacing a mattress that you’ve sunk into and suffered from, rather, you’d be replacing a mattress that has been worn out a bit.

Final Verdict

What’s the best mattress according to this guide, and a few others? The Saatva mattress emerged as a highly recommended mattress on Amazon, because of the material, the foundation, padding, and the research that has gone into its development. Unlike many mattresses for a bad back, or spinal pain, that you may find in stores, this one equals the quality of store-bought mattresses with a lower price since it’s bought online, and removes the middle-man. So what are the most important features for a mattress for bad backs?

The most important features, in this writer’s opinion is the foundation, padding and the temperature of the mattress. These three features will make the mattress an optimal choice for you. Nevertheless, customers like you, can have needs that I can’t predict, which can make buying a customisable mattress a very good choice. While there are very extended warranties and guarantees for these mattresses, it’s typically recommended to buy a mattress, and keep it for a maximum of 4 to 5 years. That way, you don’t risk an unnecessarily negative experience while sleeping.

There are various other types of mattresses and mattress brands, that focus on selling mattresses for bad backs. In the end, you just have to buy a mattress that works for you, so look at the coils, structure, the Zone structure, the padding, material, insulation and of course, the prices to see if this is something you can also afford. Keep in mind however, that there are certain things that may make a warranty or guarantee void, so try to document what you’re doing with the mattress to make sure you do get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product. We wish you a good night’s sleep and hope that you find the best product for your sleeping needs.

Want to know more information on mattresses for bad backs? Or mattresses in general? Be sure to read reviews, check out the features and compare/contrast the ones you find interesting.