Dreamfoam The Best Firm Mattress Review

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The best firm mattress on the market, would have to include several key features for a couple looking to buy a bed. The Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress, King boasts an 11-inch luxury quilt Pillow top feature, which promises an added softness. Made in the USA, you can be sure that the material is eco-friendly, and of sound quality. Tri-Zone Foam Core eliminates motion transfer between sleeping partners, which makes this a perfect choice for sleeping partners. The highest quality support for body contouring, while the Tri-Zone core provides lumbar support, and gives your body the necessary added sensitivity.


Customers discuss in their reviews, that the polyurethane foam mattress Dreamfoam mattress is a unique choice, because it doesn’t include innersprings, which helps with the affordability of the product. Various customer reviews will insist that coil count or innerspring set-ups are necessary for a suitable mattress, but this can be a misconception. If the foam density, and material, as found in this DreamFoam Mattress is made of high-quality foam (or fiber which you may also come across), it will provide the orthopedic service, which higher-priced coil-foam mattresses dem

Mattresses are bad for the environment is a misconception. Mattresses are manufactured with low VOC emissions, indicated by the Centri-PUR US certificate. This means that isn’t created with high emissions

Foam Mattresses come in different forms, density and inches. These are all important features that shape the type of sleep you have. A gel foam mattress is recommended because it keeps the mattress cool, breathable and offers a very relaxing sleep.

Tri-Zone Foam System is something that works to help with the contouring of a body and providing necessary lumbar support.


Dreamfoam Motion Support for Extra Comfort

1. Motion Support for Extra Comfort

If your partner moves in their sleep, poorer-quality mattresses may disturb your own sleep with the movement. This foam-dense mattress, while very soft and fluffy is firm enough to divide the motions to their respective sides.

unboxing a package

2. Packaging

Like many of the mattresses you’ll find, this one is very easily wrapped and decompressed once opened at your home. It rolls out and doesn’t include any strange smell. It’s also very easy to wash and dry.


3. Affordable

This is a really great product, considering the price. Here, you have a mattress that doesn’t include coils, but instead, uses higher quality foam for a fuller and softer finish.

Certi-Pur US

4. Certifiably Eco-Friendly

Certi-Pur US is a certification, which means that mattresses are eco-friendly, and will avoid contributing to global warming.

5. Completely High-Quality 11-Inch Foam with Quilt Pillow Top

This foam mattress, provides a luxury quilt soft-pillow feature, which can really provide the necessary softness and comfort.


The High-Density Foam Mattress makes a great choice for couples. It’s a perfect nominee for your list.



  • Crazy quilt Pillow Top for added comfort
  • 11-Inch High Quality Density
  • Affordability


  • It can’t be flipped for use on both sides
  • Not ideal for severe neck and back pain


How do you see, how firm a mattress is?
This deals with the durability; a mattress is typically advertised as very soft. This one, while soft, uses high-quality foam, which can be seen in the inches (this one being 11). An ideal measurement for couples sleeping with one another .


This is a great option, as you search for mattresses to buy. It doesn’t have coils or springs, which means the price tag lightens up. A great mattress for couples, or anyone who is looking for the best firm mattress.