LUCID 8 Inch Firm Memory Foam Mattress Review

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The convenience of this firm memory foam mattress, makes it very difficult for other products to compare. Very much like other brands, the foam density, spring and coil count offer lumbar support, and as mentioned earlier, can be considered a front-runner for mattresses.

Amazon reviews are a very helpful resource in your search for a mattress suitable to your nightly needs. The lucid 8-Inch Memory Foam mattress offers a Dual-Layered-CertriPUR-US Certified Firm Feel in a King Size. So, what does all that mean for your body when you’re sleeping?

Guiding a person to buy a mattress includes the demystification of all the mattress ‘jargon’ salespeople use when describing a mattress. Foam density indicates how comfortable a mattress is. The comfort of this mattress can be guarantees a restful sleep, because of the 2” comfort layer of premium memory foam. The 6” high-density support foam allows for the innersprings, found in many mattresses to avoid close contact with your body i.e. you don’t feel or hear the springs as much during your sleep.

Mattresses in this price-range can’t promise longevity, however this brand offers a 25-Year Warranty, which guarantees a more reliable purchase for extended use. This review is specifically concerning the King-Size mattress, and with a King-Size mattress, fluffiness isn’t a word typically used for this type of mattress. However, the King-Size mattress boasts both comfort and reliable use with lumbar support. Keep in mind, the foam is made of CertiPUR-US, and with low VOC emissions. This makes it both eco-friendly, and a quality purchase.

Below you’ll find some key pointers to help you, as you explore the range of mattresses available online:

Mattresses are bad for the environment
Some foam is made with low VOC emissions, which are emissions made from car exhausts or cigarettes. Look for the CertiPUR-US label in the product description for peace of mind.

Guarantees and Warranties
Most mattresses you’ll find online have very limited warranties. This one definitely stands out in this respect.

High-Density Foam Quality
Mattress thickness can vary for comfort. Comfort can be absolutely guaranteed at 8 inches, as it combines both memory foam and high-density support foam.

Spring Guage Counts
Coil count (spring count) help for back pain but so does material, and 14-Spring Gauge can help reduce noise.


lucid memory foam mattress fluffy comfort

1. Fluffy Comfort

Memory foam density in combination with high-density foam is a guaranteed comfort-driven structure, which allows customer to fall into a deeply restful sleep. Customer reviews back-up why this environmentally conscious mattress is a great option for your bedroom.

Resistant to Dust Mites and Allergens

2. Resistant to Dust Mites and Allergens

Allergens can be very common, and mattresses can be unknown triggers for such reactions. With this mattress, you can enjoy a highly resistant product immune to dust mites, and sensitive to any possible allergies.


3. Affordable

This mattress is highly affordable for those seeking lumbar support, comfort, resistance to any dust mites, great delivery, high-density foam and excellent spring structure. It is a product that offers it all, in addition to being safe for the environment.

lucid memory foam mattress Firmness and Softness

4. Firmness and Softness

In addition to the core features of this mattress, the firmness-softness paradox is solved with this product. Customers find the firmness of the product helps with supporting them in their sleep, without taking away from a necessary softness in a mattress.

5. Delivery

The delivery of this product and unwrapping makes it a very easy purchase, with very little hassle and headache. You can remove it from the box, and remove the protective wrap and observe it expand.


This product-quality ratio is definitely a huge reason why this product stands out. In addition to that, it offers the resistance to both dust mites, fire and any possible allergic reactions. Furthermore, you have a very extended warranty. I would say this is a clear front-runner for your list of possible mattresses to buy, as it has so many outstanding features.



  • Healthy sleeping environment
  • Excellent comfort


  • Not useful for those who have lower and upper back pains
  • Firm and Soft Feel


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This is a very health-conscious product, as it helps people who may have allergic reactions. Furthermore, it offers a comfort with the combined memory foam and high-density foam layers for fluffiness, and support. Definitely a highly recommended product.